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Buying property or land 

As foreign citizen who has the right of residence in Romania, you have the right to buy real estate (houses, apartments, offices, etc.) and land under specific conditions.

As a natural person you cannot buy land but you can but the property right over the construction, acquiring a right of superficies meaning that you have the right to have or to build a construction on the land of another, above or in the basement of that land, on which the superficial acquires a right of use. For example, you can buy the property right over the construction (apartment, house, etc.), acquiring only a surface right over the land related to the construction during its existence. The above restrictions only apply to individuals. 

More information about the right of superficies can be found here

As a legal person (companies, organizations or certified natural persons) or as a  foreign citizen who wants to make real estate investments in Romania, you can acquire the property right over a real estate or land according to the legislation regarding the property right for Romanian legal entities (Law 312/2005). Consequently, the shareholders or partners of a company, regardless of nationality, have the possibility, indirectly, to buy land and real estate.

The Law 312/2005 can be accessed here:

In order to buy a property under the conditions mentioned above, you can resort to a real estate agency or you can solve the formalities directly with the one who sells (natural or legal person), at a notary public. More information can be found here

Nota bene: Purchasing a property as a foreigner – natural or legal person – you will be also asked to provide translations for certain documents. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about the needed translations and legalization of the translations.