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Housing and living in Cluj

If you are looking to move to Cluj-Napoca (commonly referred to as Cluj) or you live here it is one of your top choices in Romania.  Many people come to live here for a large number of reasons. Cluj is the fourth largest city in Romania, far behind Bucharest in terms of population and very close to Timișoara and Iași. Around 300,000 people live in Cluj.

Since Cluj is one of the fastest growing cities in Romania, the cost of living in the city, especially the real estate and property prices are very high compared to the rest of the country. The cost of living in Cluj has been pushed up by the huge demand for housing, usually from well-paid IT workers which are drawn into the city by various start-ups, but also established companies that open new branches and search for workers. New apartment buildings have been built over the past few years, but they are towards the outskirts of the city and generally farther away from the main work hubs.

As a result, both property prices and rentals are the highest in the country. This means that you can end up paying 500 Euros a month for a studio – which is pretty high compared to the Romanian average costs. 

No matter where you choose to live, you will most likely not regret your decision. In general, no matter what neighbourhood you live in you can easily find shops, pharmacies and parks in the area. You will be close to the best means of transport to get you wherever you need to be in town. Below you can find a set of recommendations regarding the best areas to live in. 

  1. Old Town

The city center is always a good option, no matter the duration of your stay. If you plan to rent or buy a house you will be right in the middle of the town, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and entertainment events that usually take place. Also, some of the most interesting areas of the city such as The Museum Square and Unirii Square are only a few steps away. Thus, you will be close and well connected to every important point and any direction of the city, as well as the main attractions in Cluj – Napoca and public institutions. 

If you would like to live in the city center you should keep in mind that this is also the most expensive area of the city with demand high and offers low, hence you should plan in advance your interests.

  1.  Gheorgheni

Gheorgheni is a possible second  place to live in Cluj-Napoca. It is in the immediate proximity of the center, where you can get by foot in less than 10 minutes. The neighbourhood starts right next to the Tailor’s Tower and Unirii Square. The main street in Gheorgheni is Nicolae Titulescu. On this street you will be able to find several shops and pharmacies that are usually open until late at night. Iulius Mall and the University of Economics are also located in Gheorgheni. 

This neighbourhood is quiet, close enough to the airport, city center and different entertainment areas and at the same time it is  far enough to keep the noise and agitation away.

  1. Mărăști

Mărăști is one of the largest neighborhoods in Cluj-Napoca, close to the city center. Living here is a good option for you especially if you are doing business or you work in Cluj-Napoca. Many institutions are located in this area and there is a good chance to be your workplace too. Another great advantage of living in Mărăști is the fact that it is well connected to every other area of the city. Public transport is working great anyway in the entire Cluj-Napoca city, but especially in Mărăști because it is a transitioning area for the airport, train or bus station and many other facilities. There are means of transport towards any part of the town.

  1. Andrei Mureșanu

Regardless of the aim and period of your stay,  Andrei Mureșanu is a good option price and location wise. The neighbourhood is located in the proximity of several shops and restaurants. Andrei  Mureșanu is the closest neighbourhood you can find to the Botanical Garden where you could take long, relaxing walks, far away from the noise of the city. Moreover, the neighbourhood is generally very quiet, mostly with houses and not very tall blocks of flats. It is a great place to stay for families, young couples and students as well: it’s silent and it’s very clean.

  1. Zorilor

The Zorilor neighbourhood is a small area with a quite small population, compared to other areas of the city, but with higher standards of living. The area is developed and many investments were made during the last decade. The Zorilor neighbourhood is also close to the Botanical Garden. The area is mainly  formed by houses and block apartments. You can also find the Sigma Shopping Center there.

  1. Hașdeu

If you come to Cluj for studies and you do not want to rent something, Hașdeu is a good choice for you. The area is, in fact, a long street called Hașdeu where the largest student campus in Cluj-Napoca is. Also, it is the best neighbourhood for you to stay as a student. In Hașdeu campus you can find several canteens, boarding schools, libraries and Universities plus various forms of entertainment and places to hang out. The campus is developed around students’ life and designed to help students to find anything they could possibly need while going to University in Cluj-Napoca.

  1. Bună ziua

Although there are very few parks and green places at the present moment, with few exceptions, the Bună ziua neighbourhood is very clean and a good option to stay in Cluj. In the last few years there has been a focus on the development of this neighbourhood and all buildings in the area are new. This is why the living standards are really high in the zone. The area is quiet, clean, safe and modern. 

  1. Gruia

The Gruia neighborhood is a good area to live, especially, because it is in the near proximity to the train station and to Beta bus station (national transport buses). So if you travel a lot by these means, you will be close to them. In addition to this, Gruia is also the neighbourhood where Cetatuia Park is located. So there is no better place in Cluj where you could enjoy the climbing of Cetatuia Hill and the panoramic view of the city every day. Also, being a bit far from the city center the rent prices are more affordable.