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Entry in Romania

Entry on the Romanian territory may be permitted to foreigners who fulfil the following conditions (watch also this video

a. possess a valid document for crossing the state border, which is accepted by the Romanian state;
b. possess a visa or residence permit granted under GEO no.194 / 2002 or, if applicable, have any authorisation entitling the holder to transit or stay in Romania based on EU legislation, mandatory and applicable to Romania if, through international agreement, it wasn’t otherwise agreed;
c. shows documents justifying the purpose and conditions of their stay and which prove the existence of appropriate means both for maintenance during the stay, and for return to the country of origin or transit to another state where there is there is a certainty that the person will be allowed entry;
d. provides guarantees that the person will be allowed entry into the State of destination or that he/she will leave the territory of Romania, in case of foreigners in transit;
e. their names are not placed under alerts in the NISA system for the purpose of refusing the entry on the Romanian territory;
f. there are no alerts on their name in the Schengen Information System for the purpose of refusing the entry;
g. they do not endanger the national defense and security, public order, public health or ethics.
N.B. Foreigner – the person who does not have Romanian citizenship, citizenship of another member state of the European Union, European Economic Area or Swiss Confederation citizenship.

!!!Attention: The family member who is not a citizen of the European Union is exempt from the requirement to obtain an entry visa if they cumulatively meet the following requirements:

– is accompanying a European Union citizen or joins an EU citizen exercising his right of residence in Romania;
– holds a valid document attesting residence in another Member State as a family member of an EU citizen whom he accompanies or whom he joins in Romania.

Types of Visa:
1. Short-stay (90 days throughout any 180 day period / no possible extension);
2. Long-stay (possible extension through a residence permit);