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Buy a car

If you are in Cluj and want to get your own means of transportation, you can choose to buy a new or second hand car. For both cases, we recommend that you carry out an investigation of what are the characteristics of the car you want to obtain, compare prices, what are the payment facilities and the guarantee offered.

If you want to buy a new car, these are the documents you should receive from the seller:

The contract of sale – purchase: which must include the name (s) and address of the seller and your domicile, price with / without VAT, characteristics of the car – make, type, year of entry into service, mileage -, date of purchase, payment methods, date of delivery , insertion of special conditions, as appropriate.

The purchase invoice: mentioning at least the price without VAT, the chassis number of the car and the VAT code of the car dealer; this document must clearly indicate that it is a new car.

Car identity card.

EC Certificate of Conformity – valid for all EU Member States.

If you bought the new car in Romania or another EU state, you need to register it for the first time. To find out which documents you must present to register it, you can follow the following link:

Buying a second-hand car is a fairly common option in Romania. A car is considered second-hand if it is sold for more than 6 months from the date of first registration and has more than 6000 km.

The seller of a second-hand car must present you with the following documents:

Detailed invoice containing a complete description of the car and the price with VAT, if you purchase the car from a professional. If you purchase the car from an individual, the sale must be confirmed in writing.

            ➤The original of the registration certificate / identity card.

Attestation that the car has been deregistered, in case of a previous registration (this attestation is presented in the form of a separate document or a stamp in the registration certificate / identity card).

European Certificate of Conformity.

➤Any other document attesting the accuracy of the information mentioned on the invoice (purchase order, contract, shipping or transport documents, proof of payment, receipt, certificate of authenticity, etc.).

For more information on buying a new or second-hand car in Romania, you can follow the following link:

Once you have bought your second-year car in Cluj Napoca, you must register the car again but this time in your name. To find out which are the necessary documents that you must submit to the Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Office to register the car in your name, you can visit the following link:

If the car you bought is registered in Bucharest or another city, you can request a change of registration, so that the car will be registered in Cluj Napoca. To find out which documents you must present in this case, follow the following link:

Remember that you can always find more information about car registration at the following link: