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Obtaining a driving license

Whether you buy a new car, a second-hand car, or rent one, you must have a driver’s license. According to the Romanian Highway Code, in order to obtain a Category B driving license, you must follow the following steps:

be 18 years old;

enroll in a driving school. In order to start the courses you need an identity card and a psychological opinion. Of course, the tuition fee must also be paid, which depends on each driving school.

prepare a file with the necessary documents to apply to the evaluation exam. To know what documents you need to prepare, you can visit the following link:

take the theory exam. After completing the driving school and preparing the file for the car exam, you can register to take the car exam. The first test to be taken is the theoretical test. If you pass it, you can schedule the practical test. Otherwise, you will be able to take the theoretical test again, after at least 15 days.

You can schedule yourself for the exam, through the following link:

You must choose the option Înregistrare dosar examinare, choose the date you prefer to take the exam and fill out the form.

Regarding the practical test, the candidate will present himself / herself where indicated by the worker at the programming desk. If he / she passes this test, he / she obtains his driving license. If he /she does not pass this test, he / she will be able to take it again, after at least 15 days, but at most one year after graduating from driving school.

If you already have a driving license from your country of origin, you can follow the following link to request a change of document, to obtain a Romanian driving license:

If you are not yet very familiar with the Romanian language, don’t worry. The theoretical exam can also be taken in French, English or German.