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Learn Romanian by accessing the services provided by LADO NGO in Cluj

If you want to enrol at the Romanian language courses and cultural orientation provided by the NGO LADO Cluj branch you should know the following aspects:

Who can study Romanian language?
Beneficiaries of international protection (BPI);
Third country nationals (TCNs – non-EU citizens).

What certificates can be issued?

LADO is an NGO aiming to provide integration services for foreigners. After the courses that you followed there you can receive a proof of your attendance and level achieved but the proof is not equivalent as the one issued by the Faculty of language or by the certified private Language Centers. In case that you need a recognized certificate you can enroll in the examination session at Faculty of Letters and give the language tests. After that you will receive a certificate from them. In case you want to enroll at the examination session at the Language Centers they can guide you through the steps that can be made.

More information about LADO and their services you can find  on the following link