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Post-secondary education

Post-secondary education is organized for professional qualifications established by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the National Register of Qualifications.

High school graduates with or without a baccalaureate diploma can enroll in post-secondary education, the admission being made in accordance with the general criteria established by the Ministry of Education.

Post-secondary education is provided through post-secondary school and foremen’s school. Both the post-secondary school and the foremen’s school represent specialized training routes, with a duration of 1-3 years, depending on the complexity of the qualification.

Graduates of post-secondary education who pass the vocational qualification certification examination obtain a level 5 qualification certificate according to the National Qualifications Framework, corresponding to reference level 5 of the European Qualifications Framework (specialist technician) and the descriptive supplement of the certificate, according to Europass.

Post-secondary education is organized in post-secondary schools, in high schools with legal personality, or in colleges within accredited higher education institutions.

Schooling in state post-secondary education is financed through the local budgets of the administrative-territorial units, from the amounts deducted from the revenues of the state budget and from the revenues of the local budgets. The schooling can also be financed by the applicants, natural or legal persons, through a contract concluded with the educational unit that ensures the schooling.

 Credits for education and training obtained in post-secondary education may be recognized for graduates with a baccalaureate degree by universities, based on the decisions of the university senate, as transferable study credit units for the bachelor’s degree.

Other relevant information:

Regulatory framework: 

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