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Extracurricular activities for children in Cluj

If you plan to do some extracurricular activities with your child, Cluj is a good option for you. You can find plenty of activities around the City that both you and your child could enjoy. Most parents decide to enroll their children in different Child Clubs that have a diverse range of activities from dance to math or sports, or they prefer to bring their children to different entertainment locations.  More information about the Children Club can be found on the following link  

We know that children have their own tastes, pretensions and rigors, therefore, we come up with some suggestions worth considering when looking for educational and fun activities for your children.

Nota bene: Please note that all the activities presented below are just a few of the possible ones to be made in Cluj. If you want to research more, please access the following links,

  1. Bring them to the theatre

MiniREACTOR- is an independent children’s theatre in Romania that operates regularly, with annual seasons, monthly schedule and shows every week. The cultural program pursued by MiniREACTOR is one of innovation and experimentation in the field of children’s theatre. MiniREACTOR also supports access to culture and social integration of children from diverse backgrounds. More information and the programme of the performances you can find here

Puck puppet theater – Puck leads children into a magical world where he is free to do anything. Puck’s universe is the place where he entangles things only to straighten them out in the end with a blissful smile, to the delight of us all. More information about the teather and their programme can be found here

  1. Ceramic painting for junior artists

Cluj offers unlimited possibilities of artistic expression through colors and brushes. Thus, if the children feel attracted to painting on ceramics, modeling in clay and string art, Ceramic Cafe is the right place for such recreational and especially educational activities. More information about Ceramic Cafe and their activities can be found here

  1. A visit at the museum

A visit to the museum is a good recommendation for a day dedicated to beautiful things. A visit to the museum with the child is even more challenging because it will put the parent in the position of a guide, perhaps one of the most complex general culture exercises. A list of museums from Cluj can be found here

  1. Theater classes

Theater School Allegria – Allegria is a school known by its different approach, a school without benches and rigid rules, a place where you learn the game and have fun in all existing and possible forms. Structured by age groups, the courses are taught by school actors and consist of improvisation games in which children are trained in a captivating socialization, they are involved in exercises designed to develop their imagination and creativity. The courses are made up of age groups: 4-6 years, 7-12 years and courses for teenagers, 13-18 years. There are also modules for both advanced and beginners. More details can be found on the school website

  1. Bring them to a movie

Most of the children like to watch movies. In all cinemas from Cluj you can find movies dedicated to the little one. Here you can check out for more informations

  1. Laser Tag 

Laser Tag Cluj is one of the most unique ways to spend free time in the city. Laser Tag Cluj welcomes children of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, those who feel the need to disconnect from everyday worries. Activities here encourage team spirit and communication between team members, develop strategic and tactical thinking, improve the ability to make quick decisions and act effectively according to them. Laser Tag is a team sport, but it can be practical and individual. More details about Laser Tag can be found on the following link

  1. Take a walk with the dragon boat on Chios Lake 

In the center of Cluj you can find Chios Lake where you can have a walk with the pedal boats surrounded by swans. This activity could be fun provided for both children and parents. More information  about the schedule and prices can be found here

  1. Sport activities

There are many sports activities that your children could do from swimming to football or karate. You just have to let your child decide what is the one that he/she likes more. More information about possible sport activities can be found here