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How can obtain Romanian citizenship

If you submitted your application and file in order to obtain Romanian citizenship (based on Article 8 of the Law 21/1991 on Romanian citizenship), we aim to provide you with an overview regarding the steps you will have to follow to get Romanian citizenship. All the information that you will find below are collected from the National Romanian Council for Refugees Guide and from the National Authority for Citizenship. For a more in depth overview, please access the following links:

Steps to follow:

  1. Make your file – here you can find all the documents that you need to have in your file
  1. Online appointment for submission of the file-  here you can find guidance on how to submit your file
  1. Interview preparation (“EXAM”)- here you can find more informtion on how the interview will look like
  1. Obtaining a certificate of citizenship – Following the interview, you will declare ADMITTED or REJECTED. If you have been declared ADMITTED, the National Authority Citizenship will schedule the oath test. The date and time you are scheduled for oath shall be communicated later, also by MAIL. We recommend that you look carefully on your mailbox because not making the oat within 6 months leads to the cancellation of the application.

If you are REJECTED, the National Authority for Citizenship informs you in writing what are the reasons for the rejection. Within 15 days from the date of communication of the rejection, you have the right to challenge the decision in court. Also, you have the right to resubmit the file after 6 months

  1. Obtaining civil status documents – According to the law, from the moment of taking the oath you became a Romanian citizen with full rights. From now on, according to the law, your status has ceased and you have the next obligation:

1. Submit your residence permit and travel document to the General Inspectorate for Immigration 

2. To address the Directorate of Records People in the locality where you live to obtain a birth certificate in Romanian format through the procedure of Transcript of birth certificate and further to obtain the ID card.