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Transportation methods in Cluj

  1. Bus, streetcar or trolleybus: There are different bus lines that can take you to different parts of the city.

If you do not know the schedule of the transport lines, at each bus station you will find an electronic board that will tell you in how much time the next bus will pass there. If you want to better plan your time, you can check the schedules and routes of each transportation line on the following website:

You can also download this application on your phone to know where each bus or trolleybus is located in real time: or this application to know which bus line you should take when you want to go to a certain place.

Tickets for buses, streetcars or trolleybuses can be printed or also digital. You can buy your printed ticket in different ways: first you can go to the sales centers, which are located in different parts of the city.  You can access the following link to find out where they are located and what their opening hours are:

You can also buy a printed ticket at the ticket machine found in some bus stations. These machines work 24 hours a day. To find out in which neighborhoods and in which bus stations they are, you can access the following link:

If it is the first time that you are in front of one of these machines, calm down! Its use is very easy. You can follow the instructions on how to get a ticket at the following link:

The price of each printed ticket is 5 RON and it works for two trips. Remember that once you are inside the bus, trolleybus or streetcar, you must register your ticket. No one will ask you to do it, but you must.

If you want to save some money and add a bit of sport to your life, you can take part in the “health ticket” campaign! There is the smart ticketing system in the Memorandumului Sud bus station, which allows you to get a single-trip bus ticket for free if you do 20 squats. 

On the other hand, if you forgot to get a printed ticket, you can pay your ticket electronically inside the bus, registering your bank card or with your phone. Some cash registers of this payment method will issue a proof of payment. The price of this ticket is 2.50 RON and it is used for a single trip.

If you are a person who constantly uses buses, trolleybuses or streetcars, it will be more convenient for you to buy a transport card. These cards consist of paying a monthly electronic subscription for a certain number of trips and for a lower price.

The first time you buy a transport card, you must fill out a form, depending on your situation: general card, retirees, university students (undergraduate, master’s or doctoral students) and college students. You can access each of the forms at the following link:

Generally, the subscription is for one month. After each month, you can recharge your transport card at any of the ticket sales centers. For this you must present an identity document and have the transport card with you.

Remember, like printed tickets, every time you get on the bus, you must register your card inside the bus.

It is important that you keep your registered printed ticket, the proof of payment of the electronic ticket or your transport card at hand, since sometimes, people who work at the Cluj Public Transport Company (CTP) will ask you to show them your ticket. If you do not have it registered, you will be taken off the bus and you will have to pay a fine of 50 RON at that time.

  1. Taxi companies– In Cluj Napoca there are also different taxi companies. They can be very useful when you want to travel to and from the airport, at night when the buses and streetcars have stopped running, or when you are running late. However, it is important to know that during peak hours, you will get to your desired destination faster by public transport.

Taxis have the obligation to take through the station or directly from the taxi stands all orders regardless of the distance to be traveled and to start the toll machine at the beginning of the race, at the end of the race a customer voucher is issued – the tax voucher on the price of passenger transport in taxi regime, issued only by the fiscal electronic cash register, on the occasion of the completion of the race, which includes the details of the data related to this transport and which is the only supporting document on the basis of which the taxi driver collects and the customer executes the payment.

Keep in mind that not all companies handle the same prices. The service of a taxi can vary between 2.25 lei / km to 2.90lei / km.

In Cluj there are also other private companies that offer the transport service. Like BOLT, who offers you the car service and scooter. You can download the app on your phone to access the service:

Another alternative in the similar format is Free Now. You can access the service by downloading the application on your phone: 

  1. Bikes– Another way to get around the city is through the bicycles that the Municipality of Cluj Napoca makes available to you through the ClujBike Program. 

The bicycles will be rented based on a card issued by the Municipality of Cluj Napoca at one of the City Halls or at the Central City Hall, following the conclusion and signing of a contract between the parties and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Regulations, for which it is need a valid ID. People under the age of 18 can only obtain the card with the consent of a parent / guardian. People under the age of 14 will not be able to obtain an access card.

Once you obtain the card, you will be able to access any of the bicycles found at the authorized rental stations. To find out where these rental stations are located, you can access the following map: 

The rental time for one day is between 06.00-24.00, valid from Monday to Sunday.

Keep in mind that you must return the rented bicycle within a maximum period of 12 hours but not later than 24 on the day of renting the equipment, otherwise, you will have to pay a penalty of delay type in the amount of 100 lei.

You can return the rented bicycles at any rental station with self-service or in the center used for returning bicycles located in Cluj Napoca, Str. Arts no. 4, if for various reasons you could not go to a rental station.

Please note that Cluj Bike will be interrupted in the winter months, at least between December 1st and March 1st, when the total revision of the bicycle fleet will be carried out.

For more information you can access to the following link: