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Buy a bicycle

If you want to get your own bike, in Cluj you can find different stores where you can choose the equipment with which you feel most comfortable. When you buy a bicycle, you do not have to register it in the system and you do not need a driver’s license, but you should be aware that the use of bicycles on public roads is regulated by the Emergency Ordinance No. 195 of December 12, 2002, which establishes, among other things, that the use of bicycles on public roads is limited to people over 14 years of age.  

To learn more about the Emergency Ordinance, you can access the following link:

Likewise, the Regulation of the Emergency Order establishes that the bicycle must have an adequate brake system, be provided with an adequate and functional steering system; be equipped with an audible alert system; be equipped, at night or when visibility is reduced, from the front, with white or yellow light, and from the rear, with red light and at least one visible fluorescent reflective device of the same color.

To have more details about the obligations that you must fulfill as a bicycle driver, access the following link: