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Religion and practice in Cluj

The majority of Cluj-Napoca’s population is orthodox, but there are also Catholics, protestants and other religious communities as well. In the city one can find communities and places for prayer for all the officially recognized religions, but for others as well:

1. Orthodox:

Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral; Avram Iancu square, Cluj Napoca

2. Catholics:

St. Michael’s Church; Unirii Square, Cluj Napoca

Franciscan Church and Monastery; Muzeului Square no. 2, Cluj-Napoca

Piarists’ Church; Universitatii Street no. 5, Cluj-Napoca

3. Protestants:

Reformed Church; Mihail Kogalniceanu Street no. 21

Unitarian Church; 21 Decembrie 1989 Street no. 9, Cluj-Napoca

Evangelical Church; 21 Decembrie 1989 Street no. 1, Cluj-Napoca

Pentecostal Christian Church; Septimiu Albini Street no. 29-31, Cluj-Napoca

Baptist Church; Ospatariei Street no. 10, Cluj-Napoca

Seventh-day Adventist Church; Motilor Street no. 47, Cluj-Napoca

4. Islam:

Islamic and Cultural League of Romania; Pastorului Street no. 17, Cluj-Napoca

5. Jewish community:

Neolog Synagogue; Horea Street no. 21, Cluj-Napoca

6. Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Horea Street no. 22/6, Cluj-Napoca

6. Buddhism:

Center of White Mahakala Study Group; Tipografiei Street no. 18, Cluj-Napoca