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Cancellation and revocation of a visa

The visa for short or long stay may be canceled abroad by diplomatic missions or consular offices of Romania and inside the country by the border police, during the control for crossing the state border or during detection of people who tried to cross state border illegally, or by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, when foreigners are on the Romanian territory.

A visa may be canceled in the following situations:​

  • it is found that at the time of application for the visa the strangers did not meet the conditions stipulated by Ordinance 194/2002, republished, on foreigners in Romania
  • the foreigners have obtained visa on the basis of false documents or information
  • the foreigners have introduced or tried to illegally introduce other foreigners in Romania or facilitated their transport or accommodation
  • the foreigners violated the customs regulations or crossed or tried to illegally cross the state border
  • the foreigners came in Romania during a previously arranged ban

A visa may be revoked for the following reasons:

  • foreigners no longer are eligible to the visa
  • the purpose for which has been granted visa is not met
  • after granting of the visa, a measure prohibiting entry into Romania has been ordered