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Living under the mean of a lease contract

Rent might vary depending on the size of the place, its location and equipment (furniture, home appliances, etc.). Rent usually does not include utilities/ maintenance (heat, gas, water, waste, elevator, etc.), which must be paid separately by the tenant, to the Tenants Association of the building. There are cases where utilities are included or paid separately by the owner. You  should check this with the owner of the place you want to rent

Sometimes owners do not want to  make a lease agreement  in order to avoid the payment of taxes. You should request the landlord/owner to make the lease agreement and you should ask for a receipt proving that you paid every month the rent. Usually, the contract is in Romanian, therefore you might want to consult someone about the correctitude of the contract prescription. More information about the contract (prescriptions, duties and rights) can be accessed here

Also, the contract must be registered with the ANAF by the owner/landlord. If you plan to make or change your residency, the steps above are very important because you have to prove to the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) that you have a lease contract.

Another important aspect that you should pay attention to is the deposit or the guarantee that is an amount of money that most owners request and retain as payment for the last month, or to give it back to the tenant when the tenant leaves the place, if the place was not damaged at all. Some owners do not wish to return the amount, and in this case you can sue the owner if you can prove you have actually paid. You should check if the deposit was mentioned in the renting agreement before signing it. Any other conditions or requests you might have should be mentioned in the agreement.