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Studies – Exchange programs


– application (form is being provided by the authorities)

– travel document (original and copy)

– certificate issued by the educational institution

– proof of participation in a student exchange programme (documents issued by the educational institutions involved in the programme)

– proof of official recognition of the establishment and licencing of the organisation/educational institution receiving the students in the exchange programme (original and copy)

– a certificate from the organisation/educational institution stating that it assumes responsibility for accommodation, financial support and any costs relating to removal from the territory of Romania

– medical certificate showing that you do not suffer from any medical conditions that could pose any public health risk

Fees and costs: proof of payment of the €120.00 consular fee and the residence permit fee in amount of RoN259.00 respectively.


If you received a scholarship from the Romanian state, or are exempt from paying school fees, then you are also exempt from paying the consular fee (EUR120) and the cost of the residence permit; you are also exempt from providing financial support documents.

If you pay your school fees in RoN, you are exempt from paying the cost of your residence permit, but you will still have to pay the consular fee (EUR120) and provide proof of financial support.

The letter of acceptance is the document you received from the Ministry of Education and presented to the Romanian consular office for the long-stay visa. It is typically written in English and is called “Letter of acceptance”.

The letter of acceptance issued to you by your educational institution is in a unique format because it is required by the Ministry of Education.