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Eating in Cluj

  • Romanian restaurants / Traditional food

When you arrive in Cluj you must try the local food, the traditional dishes. Some of them are: Varză a la Cluj, Sarmale, Gulaș, Salată de vinete, Mămăligă cu brânză și smântână, Ciorbă de fasole cu ciolan, Ciorbă de burtă, Papanași and more.

There are a variety of restaurants where you can find these and many traditional dishes.  In these restaurants, the payment method can be in cash or electronically. 

We recommend that you go to these restaurants, because most of them are decorated with typical Cluj Napoca ornaments. Keep in mind that some of them require reservation, so be sure to visit their websites to enjoy a unique and hassle-free experience.

You can access different websites to know the opinion of other diners about customer service, prices and especially the quality of the food: 

  • Foreign restaurants

Visiting Cluj restaurants is a unique experience. Most of them are located in Unirii Square, Eroilor Boulevard and its surroundings, and not only they offer you a variety of local and international dishes, but the setting of each of them takes you to different parts of the world. 

And the fact is that Clujean cuisine is also characterized by having the influence of other cultures, that is why it will be very easy for you to taste a good pasta, a delicious sushi, a delicious kebab, hamburgers, salads and of course drinks, while listening to a bachata , you feel how you move to the rhythm of salsa or let yourself be carried away by the melody of a good tango.

In all restaurants you can pay with cash or electronically. Some of them require a reservation, so we suggest you visit their websites first. 

A small advice on how to tip – as in most of the countries, the 10% rule would be the safest option, although the higher the bill, the lower the percentage may be expected. And don’t forget to check first – service might already be included in the bill, especially for tourist spots. 

  • Fast-foods

If fast food is your thing, don’t worry! In Cluj you will find the most popular international fast food chains, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Subway and more.

And of course … if you don’t want to leave home and you don’t want to go pick up your order, you are lucky! Certain delivery companies work in Cluj and you can download their applications on your phone:

With some of these applications you can order not only food, but also your purchases from some supermarkets and pharmacies.

Once you download the applications on your phone, you can choose the option to pay in cash or register your bank card to pay electronically.

  • Food courts

Cluj shopping centers are an excellent option where you can find food courts.

In these places, the payment method can be in cash or electronically. Keep in mind that in the food courts the self-service method is used, that is, you will have to go through your order, choose a table and then take the tray that you used to the tray trolley.

  • Quantines (e.g. Memo 10), with affordable food

If you have a limited budget, you are a student, you do not like to cook and you miss the taste of home, in Cluj you can find several options of restaurants that offer complete menus at quite affordable prices.

If you are a student, rest assured that most of the faculties where you study will have a cafeteria, where you can find food at an affordable price and if you present your student card, you can even get a small discount.

 Foreign Cultural Centers

A major contribution to increasing international cultural diversity in Cluj-Napoca comes also from the foreign cultural centres and foreign language libraries and language course centres active in the city.