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Preschool education and enrolment

Early education (0-6 years) consists of pre-school level (0-3 years) and preschool education (3-6 years), which includes the small group, the middle group and the large group.

Early preschool education can take place in nurseries, kindergartens and day centers, state or private, according to the same educational content and according to the same national standards.

Children are organized into homogeneous age groups, but the formation of heterogeneous groups is not excluded.

Preschool education is carried out in kindergartens or in schools (state or private), which have as a section groups of preschool education, according to the same curriculum and respecting the same national standards;

For the inclusion in preschool education of children aged between 3 and 6 years (school year 2022 – 2023), the Ministry of Education has approved the successive development of the following stages: 

  • re-enrolling children  who attend kindergarten this school year and want to attend it in the next school year –  starting May 16;
  • registration of new children – starting May 30.

Other information is available at  the address sent to the county school inspectorates


Regulatory framework: 

PDF iconORDER 3850_2010_Standard and normative endowment_inv.prescolar.pdfPDF iconORDER 3850_2010_ANEXA_1_Standardele_privind_materialele_de_predare.pdfPDF iconORDER 3850_2010_ANEXA2_Normativ_de_dotare_minimala_in_acord_cu_standardele.pdfPDF iconORDER 3851_2010_Fundamentals in Early Learning and Development_RFIDT.pdfPDF iconORDER 3851_2010_ANEXA_RFIDT.pdfInformation materials: PDF iconnote MEN ref. enrollment in preschool education 2017PDF iconGuide for parents to enroll their children in kindergartenPDF iconGuide to healthy eating and physical activity in kindergartens and schools.pdf