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High school education

High school education is focused on the development and diversification of key competencies and on the formation of specific competencies according to the field, profile, specialization or qualification.

It includes the following channels and profiles:

  • theoretical branch (humanistic and real profiles)
  • technological chain (technical profiles, services, natural resources and environmental protection)
  • vocational chain (military, theological, sports, artistic and pedagogical profiles)

These courses are meant to help the student in choosing his future career according to affinities.

Other relevant information:

Regulatory framework:

 PDF iconOrder 3663/2021 Methodology exam obtaining certificate of language proficiency graduates classes intensive and bilingual study

PDF iconOMEN_3122 on the determination of the types of professional qualifications of level 3 and 4 of the National Qualifications Framework

Package iconOMEN no.3502 on the approval of the General Methodological Guidelines for the elaboration of the curriculum in local development for the 11th and 12th grade of high school, the technological branch and for the 11th

PDF iconOM 4797- Intensive and bilingual regulation published in OJ 579 of 22.09.2017.pdf

PDF iconOMENCS 4959_2016.pdfPackage iconGeneral methodological guidelines for the development of the curriculum in local development (CDL) for the classes

Information materials:

 PDF iconList of main specialized modules in the curricular area Technologies corresponding to each professional qualification 2019