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Master’s degree studies (MA level)

Master’s degree programs represent the second cycle of university studies and correspond to a minimum number of transferable study credits, between 60 and 120 and are completed through level 7 of the EQF / CEC and the National Qualifications Framework (see  also

Master’s degree programs can be organized in part-time and part-time education.

The master’s degree programs of higher education institutions, the educational offer, as well as the maximum schooling capacity are found in Government decisions, elaborated annually by the Ministry of Education.

For professions regulated by European norms, recommendations or good practices, the first and second cycle of university studies can be offered together, in a unitary program of university studies with a duration between 5 and 6 years, in full-time education , the diplomas obtained being equivalent to a master’s degree .

The duration of master’s studies is 1-2 years.

Master’s degree studies are organized in a state-funded or fee-funded manner.    

Admission . Graduates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent may apply for master’s degree programs.

For details on admission, you can consult the Framework Methodology on the organization of admission approved by order of the Minister in the regulatory framework section.

Completion. The master’s degree programs are completed by defending the dissertation.

For details on the completion of master’s degree studies, you can consult the Framework Methodology for organizing and conducting the bachelor’s / diploma exams and dissertation approved by order of the Minister in the normative framework section.

The total cumulative duration of the bachelor’s and master’s degree cycle corresponds to obtaining at least 300 transferable study credits.