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Doctoral studies (Ph.D. level)

Doctoral studies represent the third cycle of university studies and allow the acquisition of a level 8 qualification from the EQF / CEC and from the National Qualifications Framework.

These are carried out on the basis of the Code of doctoral studies, approved by GD no. 681/2011 with subsequent amendments and completions.

Doctoral degree programs can be organized in the form of full-time and part-time education.

The duration of the doctoral study program is usually 3 years. In special cases, the duration of the doctoral study program may be extended by 1-2 years, with the approval of the university senate, at the proposal of the doctoral supervisor and within the available funds. approved.

Doctoral university studies are organized with funding from the state budget, for a fee or from other legally constituted sources. The financing of doctoral studies can also be done by legal persons under private law or by research and development institutes, based on a contract.

Admission. Only graduates with a master’s degree or its equivalent have the right to participate in the competition for admission to doctoral studies.

For more information, see the Profile Framework Methodology, approved by Ministerial Order (see the Regulatory  Framework  section of this page). 

The training curriculum and the research program are established by the doctoral supervisor and the doctoral school.

Completion. The doctoral university study programs are finalized by the public defense in front of the doctoral commission of the doctoral theses. If the doctoral student has fulfilled all the requirements provided in the scientific research program and the assessments on the doctoral thesis allow the award of Excellent , Very Good , Good  or Satisfactory , the doctoral commission proposes the granting of the doctoral degree, a proposal submitted to CNATDCU for validation.

CNATDCU, following the evaluation of the file, proposes to the Minister of Education the granting or non-granting of the doctoral title . After the validation of the doctoral thesis, the title of doctor is awarded by order of the minister.

Higher education institutions, organizers of doctoral studies, may request the approval by the Ministry of Education of new doctoral fields, according to the ministerial order no. 3,651/2021.

Other relevant information:

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  • The CNATDCU website (order of the Minister of Education regarding the award of the doctoral degree, issued since 2007, respectively order of the Minister of Education regarding the withdrawal of the doctoral degree, issued since 2016) – can be accessed here.