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Kindergartens in Cluj and registration

In Cluj you can find many kindergartens around the city. If you would like to take an overview of the main Kindergartens from Cluj you should access the following link You should keep in mind that it is important to choose a kindergarten that is in the proximity of the place you live because one of the criteria for accepting your child at the kindergarten is the proximity of your house to the kindergarten. Below you can find more details about the criteria. 

Once you start the process of enrolling your child at the kindergarten and you have questions or you need guidance in specific aspects you should related to re-enrollment/enrollment in preschool education units,  School Inspectorates (ISJ) will advise and support you to make decisions in the best interests of the child, according to the legislation in force. The school inspectorates will ensure that the necessary organizational and logistical conditions are met in each preschool unit or with groups of preschoolers. 

For the inclusion in preschool education of children aged between 3 and 6 years, the Ministry of Education approves the successive development of the following stages: 

  • re-enrollment of children who attend kindergarten and want to attend the same level again in the next school year;
  • registration of new children.

The main practices that you should be aware are the following:

➤the schedule of re-enrollments is established by the management of the school and it is displayed, in a visible place, in each kindergarten, for informing parents and the interested public, including on its website and on the websites of School Inspectorates.

➤for registration, you can communicate with the school where you want to enroll your children by e-mail, telephone or fax. You will be directed by the school staff regarding the necessary data (data on the applicant, the child and the opinions expressed) to be entered in the specific application. 

➤the stage of validating the forms and filling in the files with the necessary documents will take place at the time of announcement by the educational unit, by days and time intervals, in the order in which the applications were submitted. These data will be published both on the school’s website and on the notice board. 

➤occupancy of vacancies after the completion of the re-registration stage will usually be done in descending order of age groups: large group, medium group and small group.

➤if in an educational unit, the number of applications is higher than the number of vacancies, general tie-breaking criteria and specific tie-breaking criteria will be applied successively.

The general tie-breaking criteria are as follows:

  • the existence of a document proving that a child is orphaned by both parents (the situation of the child coming from a children’s home / a placement center/family placement is assimilated to the situation of the child orphaned by both parents);
  • the existence of a document proving that a child is orphaned by a single parent;
  • the existence of a brother/sister enrolled in the respective educational unit;
  • the existence of a medical document issued by the specialist doctor/certificate of school and professional orientation/certificate of employment of the child.

➤the specific criteria for separation (developed by each preschool education unit or with groups of preschoolers, approved by its Board of Directors and endorsed by the legal advisor of the county school inspectorate) will be applied only after the general criteria have been exhausted. For the specific criteria established, the school will specify the supporting documents that the parent must submit when validating the standard application.

Documents required for registration

The documents that have been requested for the registration for the period 2021-2022 can be seen below. Please note that the below documents have been requested in 2021 and they might change. Please, always check with the schools if there are no changes on the registration procedure recommended.We cannot guarantee you that in the following years the procedure will be the same. Also, you have the obligation to check the calendar of the registration and to respect it.

➤registration form that you find it online or you request it from the school staff;

➤identity card of the parent/legal guardian who requestests the registration, in original and copy (identity cards from both parents are not required. The documents of a single parent are sufficient);

➤original and copy of the child’s birth certificate;

➤result of psycho-somatic assessment (if applicable)

Nota bene: The standard application that is completed on the spot either in the unit or online must be validated at the respective unit.

Other optional documents for proving the fulfillment of the general criteria from the respective methodology of the specific criteria chosen by the school unit are:

➤medical certificate of classification of the child with a degree of disability

➤document certifying that the child is orphaned by both parents or comes from an orphanage / foster home / family placement

➤document certifying that the child is orphaned by a parent

➤document certifying that he / she has siblings in the unit

➤any other document that proves the fulfillment of the specific criteria chosen by the unit

Nota bene: The unit cannot request other documents besides those mentioned in the methodology for fulfilling the general criteria for separation and those provided in the document issued by the unit for fulfilling the specific criteria for separation at the level of the educational unit. Also, the unit has the obligation to register in the computer system all the received requests, regardless of whether they are from the constituency or not.

All applications can be submitted from the first stage, even if they are not for the constituency! In the second stage, applications will be submitted only on the places left vacant after the first stage.

If you are willing to register or to re-enrol your child in the private Kindergartens, please take a look on the list with the main private kindergartens in Cluj For information on the registration methodology and calendar, documents, and information you should contact the kindergarten unit of interest and ask for guidance.