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Nurseries in Cluj and registration

Cluj hosts a large number of nurseries. You can see a list of them and contact information by accessing the following link In Cluj the public nurseries are managed under Centrul Bugetar de Administrare Creşe that is a subordinated body to the Cluj Local Council. Details about the subordinated body can be accessed by accessing the following link

According to Decision of the Cluj Local Council, every year the registration is made between June – September for the next year of activity at the nursery that you would like to register your child according to the methodology and calendar approved by the Director of Centrul Bugetar de Administrare Creşe, in that specific year. The methodology and calendar will be displayed every year on the website of the Centrul Bugetar de Administrare Creşe and at the location of each nursery. Please, always check with the nurseries if there are no changes on the registration methodology recommended.We cannot guarantee you that in the following years the methodology will be the same. Also, you have the obligation to check the calendar of the registration and to respect it.

Documents required for registration

➤registration form that will be filled in online by the members of the registration at a specific unit;

➤copy of the child’s birth certificate;

➤copy of the identity card of the parents/legal guardians;

 ➤copy of the other children birth certificate that are enrolled up to the fourth grade and proof of their enrollment from the education unit (nursery, kindergarten, school);

➤copy of the placement or adoption decision if it is the case;

➤copy of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) disability if it is the case;

➤proof as it is required according to the Regulation from the employer for the parent(s)/ /legal guardian(s) that:

  • are working or they return to work until the registration procedure for nurseries starts;
  • return to work after that the registration procedure for nurseries starts- the employer will provide a proof on this respect and the REVISAL document will be submitted at the moment that the child enters in the collective;

➤proof of the parent(s)’/ legal guardian(s) enrollment in the education system if he/she/they does not/ do not work and if it is the case;

➤parents / legal guardians that obtain incomes from independent activities, they have to submit the 212 ANAF declaration;

➤parents / legal guardians that do not have an individual work contract and they are shareholders in a company or they are sole shareholders they have to submit the 205 ANAF declaration, the confirmation of company details from National Trade Register Office and the tax registration certificate from ANAF;

➤copy of the marriage certificate, the ongoing divorce proof or the divorce certificate as it is the case;

➤copy the death certificate of one of the paternet/ legal guardians or the judge’s decision on the death of one of the paternet/ legal guardians;

➤proof from the general practitioner (medic familie) according to the Minister of Health Ordinance as requested by the methodology of registration;

➤immunization sheet according to the Minister of Health methodology for the entrance of the child in the collective;

➤medical checks: tuberculosis test and coproparasitological  exam for the child;

➤opis of the documents submitted;

➤a file for all the documents above (dosar plic).

For social cases the parents or the legal guardians have to submit also some additional documents that can be found on the following link

Nota bene:  All the documents have to be in Romanian. If the documents are in foreign languages you should translate them at an authorized translation centre.

The file with all the documents mentioned above will be submitted by one of the parents or legal guardians in person according to the Decision of the Cluj Local Council that can be accessed on the following link

Not confirming the place on the nursery by deadline according to the methodology and calendar will result in the cancellation of the place in the nursery and its redistribution to the next file on the waiting list, in descending order of scores. 

If you are willing to register your child in the private nurseries, please take a look on the list with the main private kindergartens in Cluj For information on the registration methodology and calendar, documents, and information you should contact the nursery unit of interest and ask for guidance.